Some are common. Some are specific. No matter what legal question you hvae we will provide answers.

Common Questions

Do I qualify?

The disability process can be very complicated and determining whether you qualify for benefits is not an easy task. Social Security’s rules are often vague, technical, and buried in pages and pages of legal documentation. Rather than trying to wade through all this yourself consult with us. But, keep this in mind. The only question we ask in determining whether we will represent you in your claim for benefits is this.

“Are you unable to work on a full-time, sustained basis because of your physical or mental conditions?” If you answered yes to that question we will take your case and we will do everything we can to help you get your benefits.

Specific Questions?


If you have specific questions about your particular condition or your particular situation browse through our resources section. We have posted a lot of information there about particular conditions, how they are evaluated by Social Security, how you can improve your chances of winning, and how to resolve many simple issues with Social Security. Contact us today

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We hear every day from people who are frustrated about how long it takes to go through the disability process, how abysmal the approval rates are for even good claims, and how Social Security ignores requests. The best place for these complaints to go is to the people who make the rules and wield the influence. For them to help you, they need to know and understand what you face. We encourage you to contact your representatives and tell them your story.

Utah Senator-Mike Lee
Utah Senator-Orrin Hatch
Utah Representative-Mia Love
Utah Representative-Chris Stewart
Nevada Senator-Catherine Cortez Masto
Nevada Senator-Dean Heller
Nevada Representative-Dina Titus
Nevada Representative-Mark Amodei
Nevada Representative-Jacky Rosen

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